We are very opened minded with regards to submissions. We accept a wide variety of creative art forms, ranging from visual and written to audio, and in any language, as long as an English translation is appended. If you want to submit something and it doesn’t fit within one of the recognised categories below, please do! We will be happy to consider it :)


films. portraits. illustrations. paintings. drawing. sculpture. collage. videos. carving, and photography etc.


essays. poetry. articles. fiction. non-fiction. prose. diary or journal entries. etc.


songs. spoken word. lectures. dance. etc.

Important Information

Before submitting your idea to us, please ensure you provide us with the following information by filling in the form below:

  • Name, email, contact number

  • Name of the artwork (if applicable)

  • A short write up for the artwork (250 word limit), explaining how it relates to your emotional state/well-being (e.g. what emotions inspired you to create this piece? or your story with emotions in relation to your creations)

  • What emotion(s) was/were expressed in the artwork?

  • Artwork Dimensions

Additional Info:

  • Anonymous submission is okay!

  • Please collage the art pieces into one picture if they follow the same theme.

  • For audio submissions, we have no restriction in terms of file size or length of the clip. However, you may want to consider the attention span of the audiences and show the most exciting and eye-catching part which expresses emotions. You may also wish to consider sending us a cover art (with lyrics) to be displayed while the music is playing.

After you submit the form below, please email us your artwork separately (in picture or clip) to, quoting your name.

Please complete your submission by 11am on 8 March 2019.

We are sorry that due to the constraints of the venue, we may not be able to accept very large artwork. Let us know your dimensions so that we can check if we can accommodate it. Nevertheless, we would be happy to consider displaying a photo or video instead.

We will be happy to inform you when your artwork is selected. For local submissions, you will also be notified to come down to the university to submit the physical artwork and work with us to set up your work prior to the actual exhibition.

We are also open to overseas submissions. please indicate that when you email us.

Lastly, thank for opening up to share your emotional stories with others and we hope that the process of exploring and identifying emotions is helpful for you.

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